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Heart Swells

heart swells 1

Happy Friday! I was still out of commission with a killer cough and no voice to speak of this week. Much as I wanted to fight it, it was a good lesson in slowing down, being silent and resting, which — shocker — is not always my favorite default mode. I tried to cancel most evening plans besides work, but it still ended up being a good week overall. The moments I’m thankful for this week:

- My mom leaving a care package at the front desk when I SO needed it.
- Texts with Jessie, almost as good as phone calls with Jessie…
- A quiet night in making cupcakes and meatballs (killer combo, I know.)
- Rooftop din din
- Wine + Bachelor night
- Cheery whispers with Yelena when it was all I could muster
- Laughs with Matt about a newly discovered mutual Insta friend

Happy weekend, lovelies! Let’s hope Monday brings us another Seahawks W.

{Photo via Berta Pfirisch}


New York City Minute

Although Seattle is giving NYC a run for its money these days, NYC will always have a piece (slash entire half) of my heart. So I was mesmerized by this video, titled A New York City Minute, Frozen in Time. I love the diversity of each neighborhood; the hustle and bustle of the many different lives wandering through the city each day. Definitely a living city…

P.S. My year in NYC, saying goodbye + my fave NYC blog taking over the world.

{Photo via Estilo Tendances}


4 Ways to Fit Exercise Into a Busy Schedule

ways to fit exercise into busy schedule 3

When it comes to working out, we all have the best intentions, don’t we? I personally could recite with my eyes closed the hottest fitness trends, precise number of reps needed to grow my guns, and the monthly membership fee of just about every gym within a 5-mile radius. But intentions only get you so far if they are constantly fighting against the grain of habits and lifestyle. If you lead a particularly busy life, it can be a real challenge to fit exercise into your daily routine when nothing else really has room to give. Here are four ways to fit exercise into a busy schedule — and turn those intentions into real, bonafide progress. Read more…


Cucumber Caprese Salad

cucumber caprese salad 1

A caprese salad is one of those that packs serious veggies, but still feels like a treat thanks to hearty hunks of cheese. This recipe for cucumber caprese salad makes for a dish as fresh as they come, with bright cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumber, and creamy mozzarella balls. Because of the cheese, it doesn’t take much of it to fill me up, still feels like a little indulgence, and the taste is one I could eat over and over. Read more…


Chic Sweatshirts

chic sweatshirt 3

The weather has been teasing us with increasingly sunnier and warmer days, so it doesn’t feel like spring is too far around the corner. While I can’t wait to be outside a little bit more often, I still love the coziness that winter attire allows. While sweatshirts are normally something I save for days inside, I love how these ones look a little more polished (but just as comfortable) with the addition of some detailing or a pretty hairstyle. I’d definitely consider wearing them on a day of errands or a casual dinner with friends. Would you? Read more…


Heart Swells

heart swell

I had a great last week; my voice, however, did not. I’ve spent most of the weekend fighting off a killer cough with little to no voice to speak of, but there were a lot of good things leading up to being sick. The moments I’m thankful for this week:

- Flying into Dallas for just a few days
- Getting to know my colleagues better from all over the country
- Bachelor + catch-up night
- Drinks with Anna finally – love meeting a kindred spirit (:
- A winter pool party
- Brunch at Local 360
- Celebrating a birthday at Rhein Haus
- Healthy meals + strong workouts plus one earned day off

{Photo via Hairburst}


Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

dry skin brushing benefits

Have you ever tried dry skin brushing? The first time I heard about it, I couldn’t really get past the name and didn’t pay much attention to it. But lately, I’ve heard it come up more and more, and the health benefits seem pretty substantial. According to the experts, dry skin brushing boosts circulation (bye bye cold winter toes!), exfoliates skin, aids the lymphatic system (the one responsible for eliminating cellular waste), improves digestion and kidney function, gives a glowy complexion and even banishes cellulite (bonus!). Many people even say it’s incredibly stress relieving. I ordered a dry skin brush myself this week to give it a shot. If you’re interested… Read more…


Kale, Pomegranate & Walnut Salad

kale pomegranate walnut salad 1

Now that my workouts have ramped up the last few weeks (this one is my fave!), I’ve found myself craving nutrients left and right. This past week, I especially wanted kale, which I wouldn’t exactly classify as my most frequent craving (it’s a long road to beat chocolate, let’s be honest), but I ran with it. I made this salad from Pinch of Yum, minus the wild rice to make it a lighter meal. With hearty leaves, tangy pomegranates, rich feta and creamy walnuts — it felt like a sumptuous treat, but of the heart-healthy variety. Read more…


In Your Thirties

in your thirties 2

My friend Vanessa, who always has the best finds, recently shared this article, and it was pretty instantly for me LOVE. Aleya Kassam writes a poetic piece about the way women dance in their younger years, then as teenagers, then as women. It’s a beautiful article that illustrates not only how we dance, but how we live these years; how we think about our bodies, how we relate to the world around us. You may read the full article here, which I highly recommend, but below is an excerpt:

Shame is a controlling animal. It demands. Don’t be fully you. Be less.

Then you will hit 30.

With wet hair dripping onto the paper, you will marvel at how hot you were when you were younger. How vibrant. How you glowed; how the stomach that you pinched at then was flatter than it may ever be. You will feel stupid that you wasted those years, feeling unattractive, when you could have been enjoying your body. You will not allow yourself at 50 years to look back and feel regret at wasted pity.

You will look in the mirror and see fleshy lips, mischievous eyes, big ears, chicken pock-marked forehead, crooked nose, long eyelashes, and a hint of cheekbone under full cheeks. Mostly, you will see a woman who has lived. Read more…


Heart Swells

heart swell

Happy weekend, everyone! This week contained lots of reasons to celebrate — my dad’s 60th birthday was on Friday and my sister’s wedding is this weekend (here’s her engagement story). I’m looking forward to a productive and fun weekend. The moments I’m thankful for this past week:

- Weekly Bachelor night makes for another excuse to get together with friends
- A failed attempt at yoga with Ash, but a really great Whole Foods run instead
- My sister’s wedding rehearsal + dinner + bachelorette party
- A lunchtime errand with a colleauge who always makes me laugh
- A post-work hot yoga sesh
- Daily workouts (finally starting to get the hang of this…)
- A night out dancing with friends
- Brunch with my sister and momma
- Sunday night ‘couples’ dinner with friends

{Photo via Jess Wald}