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The Secret of Success

the secret of success 1

I’ve been thinking about this quote by author John Maxwell since the first time I stumbled across it a few months ago:

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily… The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

If there’s anything I’ve come to appreciate this year, it’s that life is built from one small step on top of the other. The days may not look so different next to one another, but in a year’s time — and certainly in five or ten — everything will have completely changed.

I used to be paralyzed from even beginning by feeling that I needed to conquer a certain goal for my efforts to be worthwhile — but I’ve come to have a newfound patience and understanding of breaking goals into the smallest conquerable chunks, and adding to them one after the other like building blocks.

With the start of a new month, it seemed like the perfect time to change one daily routine, in an attempt to eventually influence the bigger picture. My October goal is to wake up every morning and squeeze in one circuit. Then, if I can workout later on in the day for a longer period of time, that’s ideal — but if not, I’ve still started my day by moving, caring for my body, and setting the tone for the rest of my day.

If you’d like to join, what would your one October daily routine change be?

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choose progress over perfection

small steps every day

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Playing Tourist in Seattle

seattle tourist activities 10

This past weekend, one of my college roommates came to visit. I always love having friends come to town because – besides the obvious things like extra time for girl talk and exorbitant amounts of delicious food – it’s a fun way to explore the touristy things that sometimes I forget about as a local. Kara has been to Seattle a few times now, so although we’d covered a lot of the major attractions on prior visits, but we still managed to sneak in a few Seattle classics this time around. Here are some snapshots of our visit… Read more…


He for She

Have you seen Emma Watson’s recent speech to the UN about gender equality? It’s worth the watch…

Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum, instead of two sets of opposing ideals. If we stop defining each other by what we are not, and start defining ourselves by who we are, we can all be freer, and this is what HeForShe is about. It’s about freedom.

You may read the full transcript below… Read more…


Heart Swells

heart swell 11

Happy Friday! I spent much of this week excited for my California girl to arrive — one of my college roommates is here for the weekend and I couldn’t be more excited to have her with me for a few days. We kicked off her arrival with mimosas and brunch yesterday morning, and the rest of the weekend will be spent sightseeing, catching up, and visiting with Seattle friends that she’s met through the years. The moments that made my heart smile in the mean time…

- Kicking off last weekend with sushi, wine and good conversation
- A lazy Saturday morning
- Making dinner and going to an improv comedy show with a new girlfriend
- Late-night movie night
- Sunday BBQ, 84 degrees and the Seahawks game
- A night of pumpkin bread, bubbly and a best friend
- Kara arriving!
- Brunch and catching up over bottomless mimosas

{Photo via Her New Tribe}


Are you Decisive?

being decisive 5

I recently read this quote by Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue:

“I think possibly what people working for one hate the most is indecision. Even if I’m completely unsure, I’ll pretend I know exactly what I’m talking about and make a decision.” [click to continue…]


Lipstick Obsession

lipstick 8

I’ve recently discovered a whole new love for lip color. I love how a shade can make such a big difference in not only the way you look, but the way you feel. A subtle pink might feel clean, dewy and fresh, whereas a red called ‘Wine with Everything’ feels like it matches at a soul level. I mean, it’s like it knows me, ya know? I love how Rashida Jones put it in this clip — “I feel powerful when I’m wearing a bright lipstick because I feel like I’m asking to be seen.” Here are a few of my recent faves that you can also grab for just a few bucks…

lipstick 4 Read more…


On Greetings

giving good greetings 3

A friend and I were talking over the weekend about how important greetings are. Every day when I was younger, I would hop off the school bus to see my mom waving giddily at my arrival. And although I still call my dad nearly every day with nothing particularly newsworthy to say, he always greets me with a warm “Hi honey!” as if he was just hoping I’d call. I even used to have a doorman who, every morning when I would walk into the building, would exclaim, “Good morning, beauty!” or “Well hello, sunshine!” as if it had been months since seeing one another, instead of hours.

Most of us can probably picture the alternative — the husband who barely lifts his head when his wife walks in the door, the parent so attached to her iPad that she forgets to look up when her child enters the room. You can physically feel the difference, can’t you? Even though it’s such a little thing, it’s the difference between a relationship that makes one feel valued, treasured, heard, and seen — and a relationship where one feels dull, bothersome, and ignored. I kinda think of it like the puppy effect — how awesome is it to have a puppy to come home to when they rejoice with tails wagging, legs prancing, fur flying every time you walk in the door? It becomes a joy to come home.

How about you — do your eyes light up when you see loved ones? Or theirs when they see you? Since our conversation, I have been trying to make an extra concerted effort to enter every interaction with an even heartier hug, twinkling eyes, or bright voice. You can much more than see the difference it makes — you can feel it.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

- Maya Angelou Read more…


Seattle Entertainment: Improv Comedy

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Welcome back — did you have a good weekend? A few friends and I went to Unexpected Productions, a comedy club right in the heart of Pike Place Market, nestled behind the famous gum wall. We chose their late-night Theatresports show, which features teams of comedians doing a variety of improv skits, songs and jokes. Tickets were inexpensive, and we were able to purchase cocktails, old movie-style popcorn, and snag great seats in the hole-in-the-wall theater. If you’re looking for a light-hearted night out downtown, I would recommend it! You may find out more on their website, here.

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{Photo via Washington City Paper}


Heart Swells

heart swell

We made it — happy Friday! This weekend, I plan to go out on the boat, catch a comedy show with a few girlfriends, watch the Seahawks game, and maybe even BBQ while the weather is still holding strong at 80 degrees. What are you up to? I’ve come to love this tradition of looking back on all the things to be thankful for in a week, because it makes the moments ahead seem even sweeter. The things that made my heart swell over the past week…

- Saturday night sushi + downtown barhopping
- Rooftop lounging with my sister and her BF
- Coffee + lakeside visiting
- Sunset grilling and wine conversations
- Wann’s x3… Yup, that happened
- Trying out a local restaurant over new foods, effortless convos and easy laughs
- Seeing my second sister’s take on this post on her great blog
- Setting up a Facebook page for the blog – let’s connect!
- Being so sweetly exhausted from work that I love and believe in
- Seeing this post linked to on this wonderful blog
- My sweet sister listening to my yammerings before her flight overseas
- Girlfriends new and old that make me laugh, make me think, and make me full

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Fall Activities

fall leaves painting

Fall is my favorite season, and after one of the best summers e-vah, I finally feel myself warming up to the idea of cooler mornings, leaf-covered sidewalks, and cozier days spent indoors will family and friends. Before summer started, I made a list of everything that I wanted to do to soak up the season. It was a great way to make sure that I made the most of the sun-drenched months. So for fall, I’d like to do the same. Here’s my list of activities I’d like to do this fall…

- Pick out pumpkins at a pumpkin patch and make jack-o’-lanterns
- Go apple picking and bake homemade apple pie
- Try out a new restaurant during Seattle Restaurant Week
- Dress up for Halloween
- Wander through a corn maze
- Cook something for Thanksgiving and share with family
- Have good friends over for a ‘Friendsgiving’
- Cozy up by a fire
- Enjoy a thunderstorm
- Attend a fall harvest + beer festival

What other fun fall activities would you add?

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