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Hello, Seattle: Top of the Space Needle

space needle 8

Since I ended my New York City adventure with Top of the Rock, it felt only fitting to kick off exploring Seattle with a trip to the top of the Space Needle. Seattle is full of diverse, artsy, eclectic neighborhoods – and though in upcoming posts I’ll be profiling the heart, hot spots and fare [...]

Heart Swell

heart swell definition

Hello, and welcome! This blog is intended to be a place full of all the things that make a heart swell – with joy, with inspiration, with curiosity, with passion. For me, it’s the feeling I get when I’m sharing heartfelt laughter with my best girlfriends, or exploring a city for the first time, or [...]

New York Series: Saying Goodbye

new york series saying goodbye

On my last night in New York City, I went to Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center. I decided to go after one of my dear friends, who had also lived in New York City for some time, relayed to me how she went there on her last night and just let her tears [...]

New York Series: One Year Anniversary

new york series one year anniversary

{Written in December 2012} Today marks one year in New York City. It’s hard to believe a year has come and gone already. In some ways, I feel like this has been the fastest year of my life; in other ways, I feel like I have lived this year wide awake, and have felt the [...]

New York Series: New Year’s Eve

new york series new years eve

My first week living in New York City just so happened to coincide with New Year’s Eve. And so, naturally, I figured that was where I needed to ring in the new year. I hadn’t even received my moving boxes yet, but I was wide-eyed and excited, and there was really no other option in [...]

New York Series: First Moments


Seeing the above picture of my apartment on the day I moved to New York City, with just a lone suitcase to my name, always brings back memories of my first moments in the space. The feelings I had when the keys were given to me — when the space was finally, truly mine — [...]

New York Series: December 1st

new york series december 1st

{ Written in November 2012 } If there’s any day that reminds me how much has changed in a year, this is it. Last year, December 1st was scribbled in big, blue marker on a piece of notebook paper that I had taped to my refrigerator. Months earlier, my friend Tricia and I had named [...]