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Heart Swell

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Hello, and welcome! This blog is intended to be a place full of all the things that make a heart swell – with joy, with inspiration, with curiosity, with passion.

For me, it’s the feeling I get when I’m sharing heartfelt laughter with my best girlfriends, or exploring a city for the first time, or hearing people’s stories, or getting carried away in a writing/design project. It’s the moments that make one pause and feel the depth, beauty and fullness of this crazy life.

It’s the times I want to remember more of – and that’s where this blog comes in. I’ll be posting about the little day-to-day heart-swelling moments I come across. If you’d like, I’d love your company along the way.

Speaking of, I just spent the past year in a city that makes my heart grow about three sizes just thinking of it. While I was there, I occasionally wrote about it. So I’ve started with a few of those posts, if you’d like to see…

New York Series: Saying Goodbye

New York Series: One-Year Anniversary

New York Series: New Year’s Eve

New York Series: First Moments

New York Series: December 1st

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