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Hello, Seattle: Top of the Space Needle

space needle 1

Since I ended my New York City adventure with Top of the Rock, it felt only fitting to kick off exploring Seattle with a trip to the top of the Space Needle. Seattle is full of diverse, artsy, eclectic neighborhoods – and though in upcoming posts I’ll be profiling the heart, hot spots and fare favorites (tough job but somebody’s gotta do it) of each of them – it seemed like getting a full view of the entire city would be a good place to start.

On a characteristically gray and blustery Seattle day, I made my way to the Seattle Center and hopped aboard the Space Needle elevator for a 43-second ride up 520 feet to the observation deck. Also typical of Seattle weather, it turns out those 43 seconds were all it took for the skies to clear and the gray cloud cover to part into a cityscape of sunshine.

space needle 2 space needle 3 space needle 4 space needle 5 space needle 6 space needle 7 space needle 8

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