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Apple Pie & All My Thanks

apple pie 3

Those who know my family well know that we take our pie seriously. It’s requested at every birthday party (what cake?); family get-togethers routinely involve my mom and her siblings bantering in the kitchen about who makes the best version of Grandma’s recipe; and when I mention someone new to my parents, the list of [...]

The Rebound Effect

the rebound effect

Have you guys seen this video? It’s been circulating ever since model Robyn Lawley appeared on Ellen, and I thought it was worth the share. In the clip, Ellen is talking with Robyn about the scrutiny she undergoes in the modeling industry, when simply Robyn responds, “I love my body as it is.” I know [...]

The First Starbucks

first starbucks 1

Being a new Seattle-ite, there are a few things I am committed to. No, not head-to-toe waterproof clothing. Nor, say, expertly tracking the moves of local bird life. (My dad, however, is proficient at both of these.) : ) No, I am committed to Seattle where it really hits home: Starbucks. And what better time [...]

Like Sisters

like sisters 2

For the last several years, I have been lucky enough to have two sisters. One is my biological sister, whom I dubbed ‘Baby G’ upon her arrival 25 years ago, and who has been one of my best friends ever since (minus a brief period as teenagers when borrowing each other’s clothes was grounds for [...]

Green Lake Park

green lake 1

When I first moved to New York, every Saturday morning I would walk to Central Park. It was one of the places I remembered most clearly from my visit as a little girl, and — just a few blocks from my apartment — it was one of the few spots I could wander to early on [...]

Chili, Procrastination & Other Thoughts

vegetarian chili 1

During my junior and senior years of college, I lived with a few girls who are still among my very best friends. When you live with people, you get to know all sorts of things about them; for example, they learned pretty early on that when I have a lot on my plate, or a [...]

One New Thing: Rock Climbing

one new thing rock climbing

I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who initially coined the phrase, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” And since then, seemingly all the time, new articles pop up about why trying new things is good for one’s creativity, consciousness, and overall happiness. And I love that. Totally onboard. However, is it just me, [...]