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One New Thing: Rock Climbing

one new thing rock climbing

I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who initially coined the phrase, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” And since then, seemingly all the time, new articles pop up about why trying new things is good for one’s creativity, consciousness, and overall happiness. And I love that. Totally onboard.

However, is it just me, or is the every day part a little challenging? Maybe due to limited free time — or copious amounts of bravery, either one :) — I find it a little daunting to think of something new that scares me every. single. day. I honestly struggle to come up with that many new meals on a regular basis, let alone fear-defying activities.

And yet, I think the sentiment is right. So I’ve decided to meet halfway — or one-twelfth of the way, at least — and start out with one all-out, heart-swelling, just-say-yes experience per month.

And so, for November, I decided to do so in the form of some giant rock walls, a few little ropes, and a machine that provides the only hope between 50 feet of height and my tailbone. I give you: rock climbing.

A few nights ago, a friend and I went to Edgeworks Climbing, a gym chock full of ready-made boulders, climbing equipment and friendly instructors. We learned how to put on harnesses (hello, flattering), buckle in, scale all kinds of walls, and trust said machine to escort us back down to sea level. It was a fun, energetic, light-hearted evening, and a tradition of fearless fun that I’m excited to continue.

Check back next month for December’s ‘One New Thing’ post, if you’d like.

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