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New Year’s Eve 2014

nye 2013 1

I know this may be a shocker and all, but growing up I was *quite* the little scholar. I basically spent months prepping for the first day of kindergarten, after which I lamented to my mom that it was a huge let down because we weren’t assigned any homework. (She tells me that, at that [...]

One New Thing: Glassblowing

glassblowing 1

Because I’m not one to avoid potentially humiliating stories (you’re welcome) : ) , and because things like flaming cauldrons and torches make for just another day at the office, this month’s ‘One New Thing' is glassblowing. By the way, according to some of my East Coast friends, it appears glassblowing is not as common [...]

Merry Christmas!

merry christmas

Merry Christmas, everybody! This is my favorite time of the year, and I can’t wait to spend the next few days at home with my family — making meals together, playing games, and lounging in the living room visiting with one another. I love the quote by novelist Taylor Caldwell that says, “This is the [...]

For the Love of Hot Yoga

hot yoga 2

You guys. I am about to divulge an embarrassingly awesome fact with you. If this were an OkCupid account, I would probably file it under my ‘Most Private Thing I’m Willing to Admit Online’ section… Wait. Does this mean I’ve now admitted to having an OkCupid account before, too? Shoot… Ok, two embarrassingly awesome facts [...]

Hold You In My Arms

hold you in my arms

Because this song will never, ever ever get old to me. Ray LaMontagne’s ‘Hold You In My Arms’.

On Beginning

on beginning

This. Just this. I love it so much. {Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.}

My Other One


Today, I want to introduce you to my friend Lydia. Lydia and I met sophomore year of college, where our friendship grew over a mutual appreciation of Corner Bakeries, breakfast foods, and Sunday morning drives into Los Angeles. Some friendships develop instantly, while others develop in layers; with Lydia, I think it was a mix [...]

Another December 1st

december 1st 1

This past week, I got to visit my home away from home, New York City. It’s tradition for my girlfriends and I to meet there this time of year, and it was my first time back since I moved to Seattle last spring. And as always, the city didn’t disappoint. My favorite memories from the [...]

The 7-Minute Circuit

7 minute circuit

This has turned into a week of my favorite sites. Since it’s holiday season, consider it my version of Oprah’s Favorite Things… Except instead of cars, I am gifting you web links. : ) You get a link! And you get a link! And you… no? Ok. Moving on. : ) This next site is [...]

Humans of New York

hony 11

Do you follow the blog Humans of New York? It is one of my absolute favorite daily reads. In the blog (and widely successful Facebook page) photographer Brandon Stanton displays street portraits from all walks of life in the city. The images themselves are poignant, but it’s the snippets of conversations Brandon has with everyday [...]