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Another December 1st

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This past week, I got to visit my home away from home, New York City. It’s tradition for my girlfriends and I to meet there this time of year, and it was my first time back since I moved to Seattle last spring. And as always, the city didn’t disappoint. My favorite memories from the trip:

– Lunch with a former coworker at Bubby’s, a lunch spot near the ad agency I worked at in TriBeCa.

– Afternoon cocktails with my first official New York City date (and now good friend) at The Smith.

– Sharing three pizzas between four friends on a rainy night in Brooklyn.

– Catching up with my friend Tricia over glasses of prosecco at the Trading Post bar during Wall Street lunch hour.

– Reuniting with my former coworkers over drinks, stories, hugs and laughs at Pravda (my favorite).

– Visiting Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales, all in one afternoon.

– Dressing up with friends for dinner and drinks at their apartment, Perry St restaurant and Tao.

– The laughter that inevitably ensues when my college girlfriends and I get together. Locked hotel room doors, Statue of Liberty and futon pictures, flights of stairs after breakfast, model rendezvous, and late-night stories.

It was a jam-packed few days, as it always is, but I was infused with the same feeling that I always have been for New York City, which is a heart-swelling, deep-seated fullness. I felt it on the subways, navigating to Brooklyn after my flight landed Thursday morning. I felt it walking down the street, keeping up with the New York City pace surrounded by buildings, street signs and taxis. And I felt it with the people I love there, the friends and coworkers, the ones that make a city so much more than just a city. Thank you for the same inspiration, joy and life that you always give to me, New York; I can’t wait until next time.

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