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My Other One


Today, I want to introduce you to my friend Lydia.

Lydia and I met sophomore year of college, where our friendship grew over a mutual appreciation of Corner Bakeries, breakfast foods, and Sunday morning drives into Los Angeles. Some friendships develop instantly, while others develop in layers; with Lydia, I think it was a mix of both. I was instantly drawn to her sweet heart, her supremely genuine nature, her honesty about her path, and her desire to help people in need. But what surprised me most, and still continues to, are the parallel experiences we consistently encounter within our two very different lives – and oftentimes, in our most personal of stories. Lydia has been someone I can call when I most need it, and oftentimes, she understands the stories with startling empathy because she has gone through ones just like it.

I’ll save the majority of those for another day (you’ll have to at least buy us a few drinks first) : ) but I can share that Lydia is the friend I wrote about here and she is one of the reasons I started writing again here, on HeartSwell. During her last visit from Denver to Seattle, we visited Green Lake on a sunny day, and ended up getting lost in one of those great conversations that culminated in us circling the entire lake and deciding to hold each other accountable for writing, photographing, and creating a little more often. Since then, she has been one of my biggest cheerleaders in the process, not to mention someone I message weekly (ok, sometimes daily) to say, Does this work? Or, Am I crazy for looking at it this way? She’s also an incredibly talented photographer, and you can see her own blog, which I absolutely love, here. (I mean, seriously. Those photos?!)

I once read a quote by C.S. Lewis that said, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’” I can’t think of anything better to summarize my friendship with Lydia. Time and again, I am amazed to learn of experiences she’s gone through, challenges she’s faced, and questions she’s tackled – all of which remind me I’m not the only one. I love you, Lydia. Thank you for being my other one. : )

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