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For the Love of Hot Yoga

hot yoga 1

You guys.

I am about to divulge an embarrassingly awesome fact with you.

If this were an OkCupid account, I would probably file it under my ‘Most Private Thing I’m Willing to Admit Online’ section… Wait. Does this mean I’ve now admitted to having an OkCupid account before, too? Shoot…

Ok, two embarrassingly awesome facts then.

Fact two: once, I nearly passed out in a bikram yoga class. Now, I’m not talking felt a little wobbly but maintained a general sense of verticalness passing out. I’m talking in the middle of class, my otherwise colorful field of vision went… black. And the instructor had to bring me back from the depths of darkness by pausing class, breaking open a sugar packet, and pouring it into a water bottle to lure me back to consciousness. And I had to sit on the floor, on my peppy little yoga mat in my matching yoga outfit, and drink my sugar water while everyone else did their pretzel poses. That kind of almost passing out.

Did you picture that? It was awful.

hot yoga 2

Especially because I really like hot yoga. I do. I like the way you go from sleepy warm to sweat in your eyes to feeling on top of the world (slash equator) all in one class. I like the way you get detoxed and stretched and energized, just from an hour with a mat and some extra degrees.

However. Since that day… I’ve had a hard time getting that lovin’ feeling back.

In all honesty, there were probably a few likely culprits for what went so very wrong that day. One, it was summertime in New York, where the humidity was so thick you’d start sweating as soon as you got out of the shower. (Yes, that was a real thing.) Two, I was on the move that morning, and likely hadn’t had my staple city diet of, you know, a bagel, on my way to class. (Also a real thing. An awesome real thing.) And three, bikram yoga is typically 10 to 15 degrees hotter than hot yoga – and when what you’re doing already has ‘hot’ in the name, is there really a need to push it?

hot yoga 3

Well this week, I decided it was time to give it a shot again. It may not be a completely newOne New Thing‘ per say, but I was more nervous for going back to that yoga class than I was dangling from those tiny little rock walls last month – or than I would be for, you know, swimming with sharks. Unless those sharks are great whites. In which case, that is exactly how I felt.

But, I have to say… After the initial pre-class prep (and by that I mean laying on my yoga mat in the warm room next to my sister, making her swear she wouldn’t leave me if I faded into oblivion), it was easy to remember why I loved the stuff so much in the first place. The class was an hour-long sweat session that was both challenging and relaxing, and left me feeling lighter and more energized than when I walked into the room. And the heat? It’ll definitely leave you sweaty, but it’s not so bad. Just don’t plan on meeting up with any OkCupid prospects until after you shower. : )

hot yoga 4

{Images via Yelp and Expand Yoga, which is the great little studio we went to.}

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