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One New Thing: Sprint Triathlon

one new thing triathlon 2

Alright, people. It’s time for this month’s One New Thing post, in which I choose one activity I’ve never done before, and/or is also a teensy bit out of my comfort zone, in the spirit of author Spencer Johnson's quote below. Past entries have included rock climbing, making a vase out of molten lava (some [...]

Pike Place Market

pike place 6

Last weekend was a pretty banner weekend. Not only did I get to take a much-anticipated ferry ride to a quaint little island, but I also got to meet up with a dear friend for brunch at Pike Place Market. Pike Place is one of those classic Seattle spots that I tend to frequent when [...]

Vashon Island Ferry

ferry 1

A few weeks ago, I woke up with an inexplicable urge to go on a ferry. I’d never had such an urge before, so I figured that -- plus the plethora of Seattle ferries, as any good Grey’s Anatomy episode will show you -- was reason enough to make it happen. By Saturday, I'd recruited [...]

Happy Birthday Dad

happy birthday dad 1

Chances are, if you’ve met me, you’ve likely met my dad, or it’s a matter of time before you do. Growing up, friends were frequently over for barbeques and game nights, sledding trips and boat days -- and to this day, many still check in to see what he's up to, or mention that they [...]

Everyday Encounters

everyday encounters 2

I've been thinking a lot lately about how the people around us – the strangers passing us on the street or standing in line with us at the coffee shop – are our would-be friends, mentors and maybe even more, if we looked at it that way. A few months ago, I flew to Cincinnati [...]

Your Elusive Creative Genius

elusive creative genius

For anyone who writes or designs (or even sings in the shower), this TED Talk presents a really interesting way of looking at the creative process. I haven't stopped thinking about it since the first time I saw it. I was reminded of the video during a conversation with a friend at a coffee shop [...]

Healthy Craving Fixes

craving fixes

New Years Resolutions are here, people. We are seven days in to being healthier, fitter and svelter than we were in 2014. Chocolate may have tempted us in 2013, but not this year. This year, we laugh in the face of brownies, hardly tempted by that chocolaty glaze and those little fudge-packed morsels… We do, [...]

Heart Swell: 2014

heart swell 2014

Happy New Year, everybody! Did you have a good New Year’s Eve? I had friends over to my apartment. We made drinks and pizzas, played Cards Against Humanity, and went up on the roof to watch the fireworks from the Space Needle, which ended up being completely covered in fog as of about 30 minutes [...]