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Vashon Island Ferry

ferry 1

A few weeks ago, I woke up with an inexplicable urge to go on a ferry. I’d never had such an urge before, so I figured that — plus the plethora of Seattle ferries, as any good Grey’s Anatomy episode will show you — was reason enough to make it happen.

By Saturday, I’d recruited a friend to join me on said adventure, so we grabbed a cup of early-morning coffee and set out to the docks. Upon driving up to the ferry terminals — both for the morning and afternoon rides — we excitedly cheered and high-fived as we saw we were first in line to board the epic vessels (competitive much?) … only to watch them sail away into the distance. We were first in line for the next 30-minutes-away ship. Both. Times.

ferry 6

But no matter, we made up for the extra wait time with good conversation, and eventually landed ourselves on a boat bound for Vashon Island. Once we arrived, we sat down for breakfast at the first little restaurant we came across, then made our way through the eight-mile stretch of beaches. We donned our rubber boots and stood in the waves, searched for crabs and limpets under rocks, balance-beam walked over logs lining the shore, and added a few planks here and there to the driftwood forts scattered along the coast. We even found a tree with a bike in it, which only took us two whole circles of the island to locate, due to my magnificent navigational intuition. : )

It was the perfect way to spend a sunny January day, made even sweeter by the Seahawks victory the next afternoon. Go hawks. Go ferries. Go adventure boots and random whims, and friends who are willing to not only join, but make them better.

P.S. That driftwood we were climbing over? Check out what my über talented ferry cohort does with it.

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  • Ashley L. January 21, 2014, 9:46 am

    Beautiful! I love the photo with your boots! Can I join for the next island adventure?

    • Jessica January 24, 2014, 6:22 am

      Of course you can! I can’t wait!

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