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One New Thing: Living Downtown

on the move 4

This past weekend, along with celebrating a year in Seattle, I also moved downtown. Sleep has been minimal these days. : ) I moved from Wallingford, a quiet little Seattle neighborhood about 10 minutes north of downtown. Wallingford is full of great little restaurants and ice cream shops. It has rows of streets lined with old [...]

One Year in Seattle

one year in seattle 1

This past weekend marked officially one year since moving from New York City to Seattle. Growing up about an hour from Seattle, I always referred to the city as home because geographically, technically, logically, it was. I moved 'home' from New York City for logical reasons. My family was here. A job that I loved [...]

A Weekend in Los Angeles

los angeles 2

Last weekend, I visited Los Angeles for the first time in two years. I lived there for four years during college, so it was almost as much fun to see the city again as it was to see my girlfriends. Almost. : ) My favorite moments from the trip: - Walking Zuma Beach with Jessie. [...]

California Girls

california girls 3

Hi you guys! Thank you for bearing with me last week, in which I was forced to choose between blogging and things like sleep, relationships and sanity. I missed you, but I am happy to be back. : ) Speaking of being back, I just returned from a weekend visiting a few of my college [...]