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California Girls

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Hi you guys! Thank you for bearing with me last week, in which I was forced to choose between blogging and things like sleep, relationships and sanity. I missed you, but I am happy to be back. : )

Speaking of being back, I just returned from a weekend visiting a few of my college girlfriends in Los Angeles. And because my favorite things in the entire world are the people I love, and because I am who I am in large part due to these girls, I wanted to share a little bit about them with you.

I spent the first few days with Jessie, who I met before we ever stepped foot at college, due to the fact that we share the exact same first and last name, and the admissions department routinely called to verify information as we completed the college application process. As life would have it, we were both admitted, sat next to each other on the first day of class, became fast friends, and a few years later, roommates. And since that first conversation, we really haven’t stopped talking.

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Jessie is extremely smart, sophisticated and ambitious, but she is also fun. We have spent days lounging at the beach in Santa Monica, sang our hearts out to music driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, and tend to exchange our best life stories over a bag of pita chips at 2 a.m. standing in her kitchen after nights on the town. Jessie shares my same want-to-have-it all-figured-out-at-all-times-please-and-thank-you qualities, even though that’s (obviously) not possible. And when it’s not, I call Jessie. She gives the best advice, and usually presents things in a way I hadn’t thought of, but needed to hear.

And then there’s Kara. I met Kara through Jessie after we decided to live together junior year. Jessie had paired up with another one of our mutual friends, but had an opening in the other room with Kara, who I hadn’t met yet. And our intro was pretty epically timed. On move-in day, I decided to take a quick shower before Kara arrived. As I proceeded down the hall, Kara unknowingly burst through the door, singing to herself the popular song at the time, the lyrics of which went something like, “We have to take our / Clothes off / To have a good time…” Which was pretty perfect timing, considering I was in a towel, being serenaded by a complete stranger who I was about to share a dorm room with for the entire year. It was the most wonderfully awkward start to our most wonderfully awkward friendship. And I mean that in only the best way. : )

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Kara and I share the same goofy sense of humor, where we can crack each other up about everything and nothing all at once. She’s the person I turn to when I need a good laugh, adventure, or fully appreciated bowl of mac and cheese. Kara is one of the most fiercely loyal people I know, and one of the best to call when I feel hurt or wronged, because by the end of the conversation, she is usually more passionate about the situation than I ever was.

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without these girls. They are my everyday smiles, laughs and tears, sometimes all in one conversation. I’ll share details about our trip in the next post, but suffice to say it was a much needed few days full of laughter, heart-to-hearts and shenanigans… And of course, pita chips. Also, maybe some mac and cheese. : )

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