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Sprint Triathlon Training: Week 1

sprint tri week 1

Remember a few months ago when January’s ‘One New Thing’ post was signing up for a sprint triathlon? Welp, the time has officially come to start training. The triathlon is just 11 weeks out, which means it’s time to forgo my usual method of a little run here, a little elliptical there, a little prancercise all over the place – and start being intentional about which workouts I do and when, so that I am triathlon ready come July.

Would you like to join? I’ll be using this training guide from Tri-Newbies and posting each week’s progress plus upcoming workout schedules on Mondays. I would definitely consider myself a beginner, so if you’d like to start with me, I’d love for us to create a community of support, tips, and camaraderie along the way.

This week’s workout as outlined by the training program is:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Run 15 minutes
Wednesday: Bike 5 miles
Thursday: Swim 200 yards
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Run 15 minutes
Sunday: Bike 5 miles

We can do this, right? That’s less than a half hour of exercise each day, with two days of rest. I see the two trickiest parts for me being the swimming and the biking, since I haven’t done either in YEARS. Literally, years. So if you’re in the same boat, I’m glad to have the company! My solution is to join a gym with a pool and stationary bikes, and to start training on those just to get the feel of the exercise. On weekends or later in the training program, I plan to rent or borrow a real bike and find a lake to swim in, just so I get the feel of an actual race environment. That part feels foreign and a little intimidating to me! But that’s what this is about, and that’s why we have each other. See you back here with all the good/crazy/scary/funny stories, next Monday, ok?

sprint tri 2

{Top photo via WassnerTwins.com}

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  • Gina April 29, 2014, 10:08 am

    Where are you gunna swim, cupcake?

    • Jessica April 30, 2014, 7:30 am

      I’m going to swim at a gym or community center for the first few weeks, then as it gets closer to the race I’ll use a lake or something of the sort to simulate a more likely race environment. You’re welcome to come with <3

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