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May Day Flower Bouquets

may day flower bouquet 5

Did you ever participate in May Day flower bouquets as a child?

Although I wasn’t given a genetic green thumb myself, my mom has a special gift for growing things. In the summer, my sister and I would play outside while she tended to the flowerbeds in the yard. Our home was always filled with fresh handpicked flowers, something she said she carried on from her mother. And occasionally, although she’d never admit it, whenever she saw a particularly robust lilac tree – her favorite – around town, she’d pull the car to the side of the road and hop out to cut a sprig or two off the tree so that she could grow the seeds in her yard.

So May Day was her holiday. Every year, come May 1, she’d recruit my little sister and I to pick out our favorite flowers in our yard. Then we’d take them indoors, tie a ribbon around them, and scout out a few of our neighbors’ porches to drop off the bouquets. Once we’d quietly laid the flowers outside a chosen front door, we’d ring the doorbell and run as fast as we could before the neighbors answered – then either watch from a hidden spot as they found the flowers, or wait for a phone call from down the street proclaiming they’d received our bouquet. The neighbors always knew it was my mom.

So this May 1, I’ll be carrying on the tradition. Granted, most of my neighbors are in apartments and most of my bouquets are shabbier than my mom’s were, but it’s my way of continuing a ritual I know my mom will be participating in a few hours away. If you see flowers at your doorstep, they just might be from me – but if your lilac tree is missing a few blossoms, that’s all her. : )

{Photo via Sparkles and Crumbs}

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