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Coconut Oil Moisturizer

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I’ve always tried to be semi-conscious about the products I’m using on my skin, but recently it’s really hit home that every single thing we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Advertising can be so misleading with words like ‘natural’ that really just speak to one part of the product, while the rest contains a slew of ingredients I’ll never understand, much less be able to pronounce. So I’ve recently started experimenting with moisturizers the same way I try to choose foods: minimal ingredients, readable ingredients, things that exist in nature and not just some factory.

My favorite pick so far has been organic virgin coconut oil. Have you tried it? It has so many benefits that regular old body lotion can’t compete with:

  1. It contains plenty of antioxidants, including Vitamin E, and is both antibacterial and antimicrobial – so it’s a natural barrier against environmental damage, aging and sickness.
  2. Coconut oil has natural SPF properties and helps protects against damage from ultraviolet exposure.
  3. Most commercial lotions are composed mainly of water, so your skin feels moisturized at first, but as soon as the water dries, so does your skin. Coconut oil provides actual moisture that strengthens underlying tissues.
  4. It’s literally food depending on how you use it, so there’s no harm in it being on and absorbed into your body.
  5. It’s as cheap or cheaper than most body lotions. I buy Trader Joe’s brand for less than $6 a jar.

If you’re interested, I would definitely recommend trying it out! You can read more about the health benefits here.

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{Photos via Honey What’s Cooking}

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  • Gina May 21, 2014, 8:10 pm

    Wait. So that’s it? Coconut oil? Is it greasy? Does it rub off on your couch? Do you put it on your face, too?

    • Jessica Biber May 21, 2014, 10:47 pm

      That’s it! It’s not greasy but it is solid at room temperature, so I usually let it sit out while I’m in the shower in the morning, and then it’s a little more workable once I’m ready to use it. It’s a little too strong for my face, but a lot of people use it to treat acne, so it likely depends on skin type. And it doesn’t rub off on anything, but since it’s highly moisturizing, I typically wait a little bit before putting clothes on just like most lotions. I also try to keep it off my dry hair, but not a big deal either way. I hope you like it!

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