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Sprint Triathlon Training: Week 8

sprint triathlon training week 8

Hi all, happy Monday. (: Did you have a nice weekend? I went to a small, hidden bar near Pike Place for cocktails with my sister on Friday night, then visited with my family over grilled portabella mushroom burgers and apple pie on Father’s Day. And here we are, on week 8 (!) of sprint [...]

Friday Find

always go

Friday inspiration. Here's your sign. (:

Do What You Love

jim carrey commenecement

Jim Carrey recently gave an electrifying commencement speech at Maharish University. The 60-second clip above showcases one of my favorite parts: You can spend your whole life imagining ghosts, worrying about the pathway to the future, but all there will ever be is what's happening here -- in the decisions we make in this moment, [...]

Summer Style

summer style-3

Summer is fast approaching, and with the weather we’ve been having lately, I’m having a hard time believing it’s not already here. (Famous last words, I know.) Here are 9 items that I'd love to be wearing all summer long: 1.

Springtime in New York City

springtime in new york city

This past week, I got to visit New York City. Having lived there, NYC is one of those places that has been intertwined in my story since the first time it mesmerized me at a very young age. The city is life-breathing to me. Restorative. The energy, the pace, the streets. The constant hum of [...]

Sprint Triathlon Training: Week 7

Iron man triathlon cyclists (defocussed)

I am back after a weekend in New York City, which I will post more about tomorrow. But in the mean time, how is your triathlon training going? I admittedly missed a few workouts while in the city, so I’ll be doubling up this week to make sure I’m back on track. In gearing up [...]

Chicken Piccata & Creamy Parmesan Orzo

chicken piccata 7

For the first time this year, I checked the 10-day forecast to see days upon DAYS of Seattle sun. And so, it only felt right to match the beautiful weather with a light, lemony, easy spring dinner. I paired chicken piccata with creamy parmesan orzo, then grilled some asparagus and French bread as a side. The [...]



When I first heard about the Embrace Kickstarter, I was reminded of this photo from Glamour magazine from several years ago. With a glowing smile, tummy rolls, and a captivating natural beauty -- it's the kind of photo that one doesn't find too often in the pages of a fashion magazine. Obviously, right? It stuck [...]

Flying Over

cityscape 7

Tomorrow I'm headed to New York City (above) and couldn't be more excited. As far as I'm concerned, there are few better feelings than flying into a city, with so much energy, life and hustle packed into one space. I can't wait to see the view over NYC tomorrow -- and aren't the rest of [...]

Sprint Triathlon Training: Week 6


I recently read this note by For the Glow on her Instagram: My twenties were filled with health challenges, including a struggle with weight. If I could give Jenn to the left a little advice, I'd tell her to choose her hard. Breaking ties with stress, emotional eating and unhealthy habits: Hard. Spending every day [...]