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Heart Swells


This was a relentlessly busy week, but busy full of good things. The right things, I think. I celebrated my mom’s birthday, spent time outside of the office catching up with my colleagues, accomplish a lot inside the office, and got long, restful nights of sleep. I even went to bed at 8 p.m. (!) twice… which is either a sign my body really needed rest, or I’m on the fast track to 85. Either way, the moments that made my heart swell with fullness this week:

– Coffee and sister time at Green Lake Park
– Birthday dinner with my momma and dad
– Happy hour x2 with coworkers
– Two long overdue phone calls with my cross-country girlfriends
– Waking up early Wednesday for my beloved long-lost circuit
– An unexpected email that just goes to show it’s ok to trust life a little bit
– Being able to sign up for a conference where I can learn a whooole lot
– A coffee date with one of the most brilliant, kindest women I know
– Remembering this. Maybe one of the best things I re-remind myself of often.

I’d love to hear — what’s one thing that made your heart swell this week?

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