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Staying Connected

staying connceted

Let’s talk for a moment about staying connected. We live in such a unique day and age in terms of travel, proximity and relationships. Many of my best girlfriends are women I don’t even see more than a few lucky times per year, since we met at college in California and then moved to jobs in various parts of the country. I use video calling and text messaging to stay in touch with people I worked with when I lived in New York City, who I would otherwise have known and then perhaps never seen again had we not stayed connected. The hours each day feel like they are all but evaporating between work and hobbies and email and errands… So how does one make time for and remember to keep these relationships that are out of sight not out of mind?

For me, I think of a quote by Mother Theresa:

Do not think that love in order to be genuine has to be extraordinary.
What we need is to love without getting tired.

Whenever I think of someone, my rule is to send a text, an email, or call instantly. I try not to wait until later in the day, or for that perfect convenient quiet time, which rarely ever ends up happening. I just send something short, even a two word text — Miss you! — then and there. It takes me all of five seconds, and it’s usually enough to spark a conversation that keeps the friendship going between a large space and time.

I’d love to hear — what are the tricks and tools you stay connected to loved ones near and far?

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