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Heart Swells

heart swell

What I loved about this week is that it reminded me that our future best friends could be our neighbors, acquaintances, friends of friends… People we may be just a single introduction away from — until we meet, and it’s like we were meant to know each other all along. I wrote about it in this post a while back, but it has been great to see that in action lately. I feel a renewed sense of connection, energy and hope, knowing that just when I thought I knew everyone I could possibly love so much, another person says hello. The moments that made my heart swell with happiness this week:

– Watching the Seahawks game from Agave tequila bar
– Taking a break for fresh oysters
– Hot tub shenanigans that I was still laughing about the next morning
– An early Saturday morning visit with the fam plus this pup
– An afternoon lounging and reading at Alki beach, plus a surprise new friend
– An impromptu dinner down the street at a new local restaurant
– Movie + wine night
– The warmest, sunniest, laziest Sunday
– The kindest words from my favorite neighbor
– A great morning workout
Rooftop sangria night with my sister and a few dear friends
– A night of conversation and laughs at Westward
– A surprise package in the mail from my NYC coworker + daily lunch friend
– Nights off to read, write, and watch movies in bed. Perfection.

{Photo via I Am That Girl}

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