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One New Thing: Paddle Boarding


I’ve been working my way through my summer activity list, so for this month’s ‘One New Thing’ post, I knew I wanted to try paddle boarding. My friend Kelly obliged, so we set out Sunday morning for Green Lake Park and rented a few boards. As first timers, we were the definition of novices in action, but the rental shop gave us a quick rundown of how to use our paddles and get on our boards without landing ourselves in the water. And with that, we set out through the lake. It was one of those workouts I’ve been trying to do more of lately — the kind that is so much fun, it feels more like play than actual exercise. But the soreness in my abs and arms a few days later is a sign it was a good amount of both. (: If you’re looking to try paddle boarding, I would recommend the shop at Green Lake — or there are a variety of other places you can rent boards at in South Lake Union or near the Ballard Locks.

P.S. This is part of a series called One New Thing, where each month we try something we’ve never done before, just to keep things interesting. (: Past One New Thing posts have included: hot yoga, rock climbing, kayaking







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