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Heart Swells

heart swell

We made it — happy Friday! This weekend, I plan to go out on the boat, catch a comedy show with a few girlfriends, watch the Seahawks game, and maybe even BBQ while the weather is still holding strong at 80 degrees. What are you up to? I’ve come to love this tradition of looking back on all the things to be thankful for in a week, because it makes the moments ahead seem even sweeter. The things that made my heart swell over the past week…

– Saturday night sushi + downtown barhopping
Rooftop lounging with my sister and her BF
– Coffee + lakeside visiting
– Sunset grilling and wine conversations
Wann’s x3… Yup, that happened
– Trying out a local restaurant over new foods, effortless convos and easy laughs
– Seeing my second sister’s take on this post on her great blog
– Setting up a Facebook page for the blog – let’s connect!
– Being so sweetly exhausted from work that I love and believe in
– Seeing this post linked to on this wonderful blog
– My sweet sister listening to my yammerings before her flight overseas
– Girlfriends new and old that make me laugh, make me think, and make me full

{Photo via Her New Tribe}

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