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It’s in the Story

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I have been thinking a lot lately about the story part of our lives. I use New York City as an illustration often because, for me, that city was more than just a place to live; it was life lessons as abundant as deli bagels. (Point being: I enjoyed a hearty amount of both during [...]

Fall Fashion Inspiration

fall fashion inspiration 9

Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season to dress for. I love the layers, scarves, boots, hats, textures... While I relished living in dresses for pretty much the entire summer, there's something nice about bundling up and dressing cozy again. Here are a few of my favorite fall-inspired looks as the season starts.... Is your fall [...]

Animated Photos of Couples

animated wedding photo 5

Photographer Jeffrey Lewis Bennett takes the most amazing photos of couples. The twist -- they're ever so slightly animated. I got lost in looking at all the beautiful shots. Here are a few of my favorites... {Photos via Jeffrey Lewis Bennet}

Heart Swells

heart swell

This week was full of good surprises -- unexpected emails, friends coming to visit, gifts in the mail. For a notorious planner, it was a good reminder to leave a little room for the unplanned and see what life does with it. I hope to spend the weekend with friends, enjoy these last persistent summer-weather [...]

How to Create a Vision Board

how to create a vision board

Do you have a vision board? I am a firm believer in the power of clarifying your intentions, setting up visual affirmations, and seeing the magic of how doing so can propel you toward your goals. In the words of author Amy Spencer, "We attract what we think about, focus on, and feel." The clearest [...]

All We Are

all we are

To me, this song feels like peace. Matt Nathanson's All We Are.

Rainbow Veggie Bowls with Homemade Ranch

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Chances are, if you and I have talked in the last week or so, I've told you about this salad. I have searched high and low for the *perfect* lunch, and I am here to tell you -- I'VE FOUND IT. Now, I take this title seriously. My requirements: 1) Delicious. Duh. But really. By [...]

Five Words

happy street

I have a trick I’d like to share for when things are just a little off. We’re all in this life thing together, right? I’m hoping this will help in the chance that one of you is having a less than stellar day. Because I’ve been there, too. Here it is… It’s no secret that [...]

Heart Swells


My heart felt incredibly, surprisingly full this past week. On Saturday night, I took a drive just for the sake of it -- one of those long, winding ones at dusk with no real destination, just city lights filling up the sky while thoughts wander -- and I was so overwhelmed by gratitude that I [...]

What NYC Looks Like to Creative 20-Somethings

nyc twenty something 1

Refinery 29 recently posted a great article about what it's like to be a creative 20-something living in New York City. The descriptions are absolutely true for living there, but I think they are also true for people at every age in every city. The ones that resonated most with me... "I constantly remind myself [...]