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One Year

This week marks the one year anniversary of Heart Swell. Thank you for inviting me into your days. Blogging feels so personal in many ways, but the community that has grown out of this humbles and inspires me. Your kind words mean the world to me every single time. In looking back over the past year, here are a few of the post highlights…



1. Rattlesnake Ridge
2. New York City Bar Tour
3. One Year in Seattle

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Friendship & Relationships


1. The Power of Kindness
2. Everyday Encounters
3. The Right Questions

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Health & Fitness


1. For the Love of Hot Yoga
2. Dolphin Moments
3. Thankful for Mondays

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Food & Drink


1. Harvest Salad
2. Apple Pie & All My Thanks
3. Summer Sangria Recipes

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Design & Creativity


1. It’s in the Story
2. Creating Positive Momentum
3. Shoot for the Moon

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