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5 Spins on Classic Apple Cider

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I’ll call it: as far as I’m concerned, apple is the new pumpkin. I’m all for pumpkin everything, but lately I’ve been eyeing some apple recipes that look even sweeter and more delicious than that loveable orange jack o’ lantern. Besides the obvious ones like homemade apple pie, lately I’ve had my sights set on apple cider. Here are a few recipes from around the web that I’m dying to make, and promptly curl up next to the fire with.

apple cider 1

Warm Apple Cider: As someone who is perpetually layered in scarves and jackets, the only thing better than an ice cold cocktail to me is a hot one. Warm Apple Cider brings back memories of apple picking with my girlfriends and cozying up inside after brisk fall days.

apple cider 2

Apple Cider Sangria: My love for sangria is well documented. I can’t wait to add this apple version to my collection; it’s the perfect middle ground between a deep red sangria and a bubbling white.

apple cider 3

Apple Cider Rum Punch: The first time I had rum punch was on Capitol Hill last summer with my dear friend Vanessa. we met to share a quick drink over guac and tortilla chips before heading to a baseball game. I’d love to try this fall version; the chips can go, but Vanessa will most definitely still be my date.

apple cider 4

Bourbon Apple Cider: I’ll be honest; I think it’s the rosemary sprig that does it for me. Or the mason jars. Either way, it’s hard to resist any apple cider that comes in cocktail form with a fresh squeeze of orange to boot.

apple cider 5

Apple Cider Float: Last but not least, as if you ever needed to hear that with this photo. I think this may be the only way to top a classic rootbeer float… All I know is I’m willing to try.

Which of the drinks would you want to try?

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  • Gina November 6, 2014, 1:09 pm

    Yummmm. Yessssss.

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