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Heart Swells

heart swells

Ah, Friday. (: This week took me back to this post. I received some hard family news this week, but I also had nights curled up on the couch with my close friends. We ate tacos, sipped red wine, visited while watching movies – and not even all on the same night. I was reminded that sharing life and truly knowing each other is a gift of the highest form; being able to share the highs of the good moments, and being able to share the weight of the low moments. My friend Jessie sent me this quote:

Be particular and take your time, but when you meet those people with whom you feel safe to be yourself, completely, do it. That’s the best stuff in life, being able to look into the eyes of someone you know without having to look away because there’s not enough truth between you to hold the gaze.

It’s so true, isn’t it? The moments that I am thankful for this week:

– Playing dress-up on Halloween downtown and in Pioneer Square
– Closing out the night with late-night slices of pizza just like the good old days
– A big post-Halloween brunch the following morning
– Sharing grilled cheese sandwiches on Capitol Hill
– A new tradition of quiet Saturday nights at the movies
– Lunch with my sister bebe. Thank goodness for sisters. <3
– Taco night and perusing future condos with my neighbors/would-be roomies
– A girls night wearing sweats, eating chocolate, crying, laughing and talking
– A big friend/family dinner across town
– Pizza (again) with one my very favorite people of all time
– Wine and movie-nights-in x2
– Holiday party preparations with a new partnership

Have a lovely weekend…

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