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Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend

oprah life you want weekend

Some days are regular old days. You make coffee. You take the dog out. You upload pictures of your lunch to Instagram. But some days, some days, a friend asks if you’d like to join her to see OPRAH.

I grew up watching Oprah. Granted, I was one of those kids who enjoyed reading self-improvement books at the ripe old age of 10. But I felt inspired when I watched her. The way she talked to people. The way she worked with purpose and vision. She seemed to believe something that I always suspected deep down; that everyone’s story is valuable and that everyone’s life means something, no matter what they’ve been through.

“There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story,” as Mary Lou Kownacki says.

When Oprah ended her talk show after 25 years, I had graduated college and was entering adulthood. Life was starting to move at the pace it has never quite slowed down from. So days bustled along, even without the afternoon centerpiece I’d watched most of my life. I never really expected to get the chance to see her in action once her talk show ended.

And then. One of my best friends, my adopted sister, offered me a ticket that I hadn’t even known was an option. And just like that, I was yards away from the Big O herself. Watching her talk for two straight hours about her life, legacy and lessons learned. The event included a Friday night featuring Oprah, followed by a Saturday full of workshops and discussions with her and her hand-picked crew of thought leaders.

It was an experience that I hadn’t even expected, but I found myself scribbling down notes on paper and in my iPhone, anywhere and everything I could find. It brought me back to how I felt watching her all those years; inspired, driven, hopeful, impassioned.

I’m excited to take those scribbles and expand them into sentences and posts on here, once they have a chance to mull around in my brain a little bit. (: Not a bad way to spend a regular old (semi-magical) day.

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