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Gift Guide: Best Friends

gift guide-best friend

Christmas is only 6 weeks away! (But who’s keeping track.) This season, we’ll be rolling out gift guides each week until the big holiday. For the first gift guide, we’re featuring gifts that would be good for the person who knows your deepest secrets, dresses up with you for nights out on the town, and brings over a pint of Ben and Jerry’s to cry into together after a breakup. That is, your best friend. Here are a few items I’d give to mine:

1. Because she’s the one person who knows as much about you as your journal, a bright notebook set.

2. Pretty earrings for one of said nights out.

3. Sparkly nail polish for a day of mani/pedis.

4. A cozy tee to sleep in that tells the world exactly how she wakes up #flawless.

5. I don’t know what it is, but everyone I’ve met is obsessed with this perfume.

6. What is a gift guide without Kate Spade? Or a pretty iPhone case.

7. I love to add scarves as complements to smaller gifts, but this watercolor scarf is pretty enough to give alone.

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