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Heart Swells

heart swells

Ah, Thanksgiving week! Hard to believe this time of year is already here, kicking off one weekend after the other of parties, birthdays and holidays. I love it. (: The moments that made my heart swell this week:

– Attending what’s gotta be one of the Top 10 birthday parties of all time
– Hot tub shenanigans x2
– Recapping birthday photos and stories over brunch the next morning
– Lazy weekend afternoon naps
– Watching the Seahawks game with neighbors I adore
– Conversations on drizzly nights over Branzino and Alibi Room pizza
– Taking an actual lunch break to get pho with colleagues
– Catching up with Jessie. So long overdue.
– Thanksgiving dinner + pie with my dad, mom, sister and her fiancé

{Photo via Hunt & Harvest}

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