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Heart Swells

I'm on the move today, traveling for work through the weekend. This week was a blur of packing and deadlines and dinners, but I also felt more present than I have in a w-h-i-l-e. My mind was still filled with all that good Oprah-ness. (: I took time to write, to think of the things I [...]

Holiday Updos

holiday updo 3

One of my favorite parts of holiday parties is getting ready. I always turn up the music while putting on my makeup, and deciding what to wear and how to style my hair is almost as much fun as anticipating the party itself. Parties around the holidays lend themselves to a little more formality and [...]

Hope for Heartbreak

on heartbreak

I've been there plenty of times myself, but I have a few close folks right now who are going through the roller coaster of a broken heart. Whenever I talk to them, I always think of this quote I read years ago by Veronica Chambers that's always stuck with me. To me, it speaks of [...]

Dance with Me

dance with me sweet remains

I came across this song the other day, and listened to it on repeat driving through the city lights the other night. Isn't it pretty? I hope you like it, too. The Sweet Remains 'Dance with Me'

Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend

oprah life you want weekend

Some days are regular old days. You make coffee. You take the dog out. You upload pictures of your lunch to Instagram. But some days, some days, a friend asks if you'd like to join her to see OPRAH. I grew up watching Oprah. Granted, I was one of those kids who enjoyed reading self-improvement [...]

Heart Swells

heart swells

Ah, Friday. (: This week took me back to this post. I received some hard family news this week, but I also had nights curled up on the couch with my close friends. We ate tacos, sipped red wine, visited while watching movies – and not even all on the same night. I was reminded [...]

5 Spins on Classic Apple Cider

apple cider 4

I'll call it: as far as I'm concerned, apple is the new pumpkin. I'm all for pumpkin everything, but lately I've been eyeing some apple recipes that look even sweeter and more delicious than that loveable orange jack o' lantern. Besides the obvious ones like homemade apple pie, lately I've had my sights set on [...]

Leading with Lollipops

everyday leadership

I recently watched what is now one of my all-time favorite TED talks. In a candid and funny six minutes, Drew Dudley shares how he once changed someone's life with a lollipop, without even realizing it until many years later when the young woman recounted the story to him. I love how he describes everyday [...]

One New Thing: Line Dancing

cowboy boots line dancing

In the spirit of continuing to try new things, a few friends and I went line dancing a couple weeks ago. We donned the closest cowboy gear we could come up with as city folk, then made our way to Bourbon Jacks, a country bar not too far away. Firsts, the instructor taught us a [...]

Cocktail Dresses

cocktail dresses

It's my favorite time of the year for get-togethers with friends. Already, preparations are underway for friend Thanksgivings, Christmas parties and other holiday gatherings. I rounded up a few cocktail dresses that I would love to wear with a pair of heels and some statement jewelry. Here they are... 1. A glittery top and for [...]