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Gift Guide: Fathers

gift guide-father-dad

Up next in our holiday gift guide series are gifts for fathers. I have a special place in my heart for this one, as I have the sweetest dad ever (I wrote about him here). Here are a few gift ideas I think he and other dads would spend the rest of Christmas day checking out:

1. For dads that love to cook, a spice and salt blend collection
2. High-quality, noise-canceling Bose earbuds he can pack along anywhere
3. Comfortable Ugg slippers he can wear around the house
4. Stainless steel BBQ set for summer barbeques
5. Love the pop of red from this scarf
6. Pork breakfast sampler because… BACON.
7. Pro-style maple BBQ board
8. What’s cozier than a pair of warm wool socks as we head into winter?

Previous gift guides have included gifts for mothers and best girlfriends.

And if you feel like shopping for yourself, here are my favorite fall booties, sweaters, cocktail dresses and general looks

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