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We Never Met

A Cup of Jo recently featured an Instagram account that has stolen my heart. The description on the feed’s page explains it as, “A series of conversations we never had. Short stories created for random strangers whose faces we never get to see.” Here are a few examples of the witty and oddly sweet feed…

we never met 1

He refuses to pick up supermarket baskets. He’ll then arrive at the till balancing some spinach, toilet rolls, 4 mangoes and a six-pack of raspberry cider.

we never met 2

When they first met, his hair was longer than hers. What she doesn’t know is that the money he now saves on conditioner goes straight to the engagement ring.

we never met 4

He has 521 friends on Google Plus. He doesn’t know he has Google Plus.

we never met 3

She grew up by the sea. Every morning she’d lose herself in thoughts admiring the deep blue waters. She now lives in London. There’s no ocean to look at, but at least there’s a concierge in her building.

we never met 6

He loves her voice, it’s just like music. He can easily get lost listening to her. Maybe it’s the whole not speaking a single word of Italian situation.

we never met 5

The baddest ass his town ever saw.Girls. Fights. Money. A legend. But in the eyes of a special someone, he’ll always be “teddy bear grandpa.”

P.S. My favorite Instagram/Facebook/blog of all time.

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