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Two Circles

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I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Mine was a good mix of family and friends. After celebrating with family on Christmas Eve, I enjoyed drinks with my neighbors at Suite 410, followed by Chinese food with one of my best friends at Wild Ginger. On Christmas, my friends shared a big brunch for those whose family was out of town, enjoyed a lazy afternoon nap, then finished the day with living room cocktails and conversation, and dinner until late into the night at a hotel bar. I continually remember the saying that friends are the family we choose for ourselves, and feel thankful for how much my neighbors and friends have become one big next-door family this year.

This week contains the last of the winter holidays, and one that I always get excited about: New Year’s Eve. I love a fresh start and the opportunity to reflect on where I am, and where I hope to be this upcoming year. I’m still working on my resolutions, but wanted to share an exercise that I learned at Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend a few months ago. It all comes down to two circles:

two circles

If you’d like to try it for yourself, picture your current life as that left circle. Divide it up into a pie chart of where you place your attention and time; things like friends, family, home, finance, spirituality, hobbies, etc. Then note whether these areas are positive, negative or just so-so at the moment. On the right circle, do the same exercise but for your current life. If you could fast forward to this time next year, would your life look the same or different? Would the quadrants be the same size, or would certain areas be given more or less attention than they currently occupy?

I’m a fan of starting at the big picture and narrowing down to the steps needed to get there, so to me this exercise is a helpful starting place for what I want life to look like, before I get overwhelmed with the incremental resolutions. Happy planning!

P.S. My hopes for 2014 this time last year, and how to create a vision board.

{Top photo via Janet Liaw}

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