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20 Habits of Success from Two Billionaires

20 habits for success from 2 billionaires

I recently read this article, “20 Habits of Success I learned While Working for 2 Billionaires,” and thought the points were worth a share. You may read the full descriptions here, but a recap of Paul Brunson’s big 20 include:

1. Invest in yourself
2. Be curious… about everything.
3. Surround yourself with ‘better’ people
4. Never eat alone
5. Take responsibility for your losses
6. Understand the power of ‘leverage’
7. Take no days off (completely)
8. Focus on experiences vs. material possessions
9. Take enormous risks
10. Don’t go at it alone
11. Recognize the value of simple ideas
12. Be patiently impatient
13. Be gritty
14. Develop great oratory skills
15. Grow thick, armor-plated skin
16. Connect with people outside your community
17. Over-communicate your message
18. Learn to laugh at yourself
19. Be great at one thing, first
20. Know a higher power

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