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Heart Swells

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Happy Friday! I was still out of commission with a killer cough and no voice to speak of this week. Much as I wanted to fight it, it was a good lesson in slowing down, being silent and resting, which — shocker — is not always my favorite default mode. (: I tried to cancel most evening plans besides work, but it still ended up being a good week overall. The moments I’m thankful for this week:

– My mom leaving a care package at the front desk when I SO needed it.
– Texts with Jessie, almost as good as phone calls with Jessie…
– A quiet night in making cupcakes and meatballs (killer combo, I know.)
– Rooftop din din
– Wine + Bachelor night
– Cheery whispers with Yelena when it was all I could muster
– Laughs with Matt about a newly discovered mutual Insta friend

Happy weekend, lovelies! Let’s hope Monday brings us another Seahawks W.

{Photo via Berta Pfirisch}

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  • Ashley January 30, 2015, 4:44 pm

    Go Hawks! I’m so sorry you’re still sick :/ I hope you’re on the up and up. There isn’t much worse than a Seahawk fan without a voice! xo

    • Jessica January 31, 2015, 12:14 pm

      Haha I know, I’m terrified it’ll only get better to lose it again at the big game! I’m going to show my support by eating Skittles instead. Remember last year? Haha (:

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