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The Power of Setting Intentions

setting your intentions

This January 1, I started off the New Year with a yoga workshop led by my friend Megan Kountz. I met Megan last summer and since then have seen her pretty much weekly for brunches, game nights, and group dinners; she even attended part of Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend with me. Megan is the [...]

Winter Activities

winter activities 2

Now that the holiday rush is over, I've been thinking about ways to make the most of the remaining (months!) of winter. We've still got until March 20th for the first day of spring, and there are plenty of things to do in Seattle in winter, even without much snow. Until the weather warms up, [...]

Getting Grief Right

getting grief right

The end of 2014 contained a few hard months for my loved ones; I had some that lost babies, some that lost relationships. So when I read this article, I thought it offered such light for anyone going through a grieving process. There's so much pressure oftentimes in our society to move on quickly, to [...]

Heart Swells

heart swells

Happy weekend! This was my first full week back to work in half a month, and I have to say, I kinda loved it. It felt good to be back in the swing of things again. Although I had a fun few weeks off, this week still contained some great moments. Thankful for these ones [...]

On Finding Meaning & Staying Curious

finding meaning

This week, the NY Times published an op-ed referencing civic leader John Gardner's commencement address to Stanford University. The speech itself was incredibly moving. A few of my favorite parts: As you settle into your adult lives, you cannot write off the danger of complacency, boredom, growing rigidity, imprisonment by your own comfortable habits and [...]

Health Boost: Lemon Water

benefits of lemon water

I'm one of those people who likes to start her day with a hot beverage of some sort. It's become a morning ritual; as I wait for my email to load, I heat some water, say good morning to a few co-workers, and see what's happened overnight in the news. I went through a green [...]

Views from New York City Apartments

views from nyc apartments 2

When I lived in New York City, my apartment was a tiny studio walk-up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I had two windows; one from my living area that looked directly into a brick wall, and one from my kitchen that looked into a courtyard... a concrete courtyard. The views didn’t exactly make [...]

Life Lines

smile lines

It's no secret that Joanna Goddard is a favorite of mine, but I especially loved what she said recently about fine lines: Growing up, I noticed that when my favorite aunt Lulu made a joke, her whole face crinkled into a beautiful smile. She was gorgeous and young-looking, but she also had these beautiful laugh [...]

Heart Swells

heart swells

It feels good to be in a new year, doesn't it? As has been the case for much of the end of 2014, this was another roller coaster week that leaves me feeling excited for a fresh new year. Tonight, I'll be celebrating at an annual Zoo Lights party with friends. The moments that made [...]

Happy New Year!

happy new year 2015

Happy 2015, everybody! I hope you had a wonderful time ringing in the new year. I celebrated with friends and Space Needle fireworks; you can see a few pictures on my Instagram feed, if you'd like. Prior to New Year's Eve, I took some time to reflect on how I want my life to look [...]