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January Resolution Recap

january resolution recap

As I mentioned at the start of this year, instead of making resolutions for 2015, I came up with a vision of how I wanted my life to look at the end of the year, and each month I am adding on a few small steps that will get me closer. So how did January’s resolutions go?

Body: Work out 30 minutes 6 days per week

Although I varied this when I needed to, incorporating more regular workouts into my daily life was HUGE for my health, even beyond the physical benefits. More than anything, it gave me a sense of mental clarity. I felt a renewed source of control and attentiveness to my priorities. Becoming more in tune with how I felt physically also gave me a clearer read on how I felt emotionally; how some situations made me feel versus others, and how I felt a new sense of ownership in saying yes or no to things accordingly. I felt much less along for the ride, and much more in control of the destination.

Relationships: Host at least one gathering a month

This was one of the more fun resolutions of the month, and one that I’m excited to continue throughout the year. I had a few close friends over for a homemade spaghetti and meatball dinner. We shared a few bottles of wine, visited on the rooftop and devoured a pan of brownies afterward. I can’t wait to entertain more this year with a bunch of different groups of friends, in a variety of party formats. There’s something about making food for people and inviting them into your home that just feels a little more special than dinner any other way.

Soul: Set an intention for the day every morning

I was surprised to find I *loved* doing this. The most fascinating part to me was that it provided a subtle gauge for where I was at emotionally; it was so interesting to wake up and see which intention I gravitated to that day. Was it to focus on happiness? Love? Peace? Balance? Friendship? Seeing where my mind and heart went initially provided a really subtle indication of what I was craving or needing more of in my life, and let me try to find ways to act accordingly. It was almost like giving a voice to myself that, oddly enough, I hadn’t really noticed that I’d been failing to check in with. (I even interviewed a friend, who is a yoga teacher and life coach, about it here.)

. . .

Did you make any changes in January? Tomorrow I’ll reveal my February resolutions. I’m excited for another good month! xo

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