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February Resolution Recap

february resolution recap

Hello and happy Tuesday! Did you have a good weekend? I spent the last few days in southern California with my girlfriends, and am feeling rested and ready for the week ahead.

Each month, we’re adding incremental resolutions that feel like small changes to our day, but will hopefully add up to a big difference by the end of the year. Below are the resolutions added in February. Here’s how they went…

Body: Drink lemon water every morning

This is one that I adapted to pretty easily. I found it comforting and refreshing to start the day with a hot cup of lemon water, and felt cleaner and more hydrated throughout the day. On days that I couldn’t add it to my morning, I just squeezed it into the afternoon instead, and it still was a refreshing beverage that helped offset the midday energy crash. (Here’s more about the health benefits that inspired the resolution.)

Relationships: Send cards to loved ones

I was surprised how much I liked this one. I bought several valentines for friends and spent a few hours one morning, writing and drawing little notes in each of them. Although they were gifts, it was actually really enjoyable for me to think of little memories with each person and to articulate the ways I was thankful for them being in my life.

Soul: Free-write for 10 minutes a day

I think this one created the most noticeable difference day-to-day. It served not only as stress relief, but I found myself using it as a tool when I felt particularly overwhelmed or anxious about a situation. It was a good gauge of where my head was at, and a good reminder of the path I want to be on.

. . .

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at what’s up for March. Did you make any small changes in February? I’d love to hear…

P.S. Related: the resolutions we started with in January, the power of small changes and how to create positive momentum.

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