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March Resolutions

setting resolutions march

If you’ve been following along, you know we’re adding a few resolutions in key life areas each month throughout the year. (You can read about how January’s and February’s went, if you’d like.) Here’s what’s coming up for March…

Body: Dry brush skin each day

I wrote about the fascinating benefits of dry skin brushing (who would’ve thought!) a few weeks ago, and now I’d like to incorporate it into my daily routine before I hop into the shower each morning.

Relationships: Volunteer at least once a month

I’ve been wanting to make this a bigger part of my life for a while now. Eventually, I’d like to find a program that I really connect with and invest a regular part of my time in it.

 Soul: Meditate 5 minutes a day

I’ve found so much power in setting intentions and writing each day, that I’d like to add a few minutes where I can just be silent and meditate. I’ve found that, although it’s counter-intuitive to my type-a tendencies, one of the best ways to incorporate a new habit isn’t to be over zealous about it, but to actually introduce it in very small ways to a daily routine. That way, 1) you avoid being overwhelmed by changes to your day and 2) you avoid burnout and actually look forward to the new habit. So for meditation, just five minutes will be a good start for me.

Mind: Read a new book

I love to learn and am constantly reading articles, blogs and social media. But each month, I’d like to read at least one actual, cover-to-cover book. There are so many on my list, but it seems like the one thing I never quite have time for. So just for a few minutes before I go to bed, or on a lazy weekend, I’d like to swap checking social media for reading a book. A few of the ones on my list include: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries, Yes Please, Being Mortal, and so many others…

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