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Heart Swells

heart swells

I spent last weekend with my girlfriends in sunny California (pics next week!) and the days flew by after that. I reconnected with another person in Seattle who’s been one of my closest friends for over a year now, all because of a text I received as I was about to board a flight for 1,000 miles away. This week was a reminder that you really just never know what a day will bring; and while sometimes that’s not always a good thing, sometimes it really is. The other moments that made my heart swell:

– Spending the weekend with my girlfriends in Southern California
– Dinner and wine at Bodega
– Living room floor conversations with Jessie
– A day to myself to take SoulCycle, walk the beach and visit Urth Caffe
– Skipping, dancing and hiking up Agoura Hills
– Dinner at Black Market (ah-mazing food)
– Driving around my old stomping grounds of Malibu and playing on the beach
– A hot tub sesh and a torrential downpour
– An unexpected text and a new relationship
– Reconnecting with my best friend
– A much awaited night out to heart-to-heart and share cocktails with Anna
– Mornings working with Megan

P.S. If you’d like to see a sneak peek of some photos, follow me on Instagram.

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