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Heart Swells

heart swells

This weekend, I’m traveling again to celebrate a birthday on the big island of Kona, Hawaii. This week was full of a lot of anticipation and fun in getting ready to hit the road again. The moments I’m thankful for:

– A much-awaited girls night with Anna
– The season finale of the Bachelor with good friends and a little French bulldog
– A dual going away / birthday party at the Garage
– Two full weekend days to tackle projects
– Squeezing in a Flywheel class
– A morning superfood bowl at Healeo, my fave <3
– Catching up with my sister, if only via text until I can see her in person
– Seeing my dad for a few minutes in the harbor, and his thoughtful book
– Making this video with Lisa

Until next week, you may follow my travels on Instagram, if you’d like. Have a lovely weekend! xo

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