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Dear Data


It seems that just about everything we do these days can be sliced, diced and analyzed by Big Data – from what we eat to even who we choose to date, online or otherwise. Two designers on opposite sides of the globe decided to add a little bit of humanity back into our data-obsessed world. They send each other postcards each week, on one side giving a data-fied version of something like their phone addiction habits or transportation methods, and on the other side providing a code for how to read the data through colors, symbols, etc. It’s pretty fascinating to see how each designer interprets the theme each week, not to mention what the data reveals. The designers are on week eight of a yearlong project, so you can follow along here, if you’d like. Here are a few examples of their postcards thus far…


Giorgia_DearData_02_Front  Giorgia_DearData_04_Back Giorgia_DearData_04_Front Stefanie_DearData_08+back Stefanie_DearData_08+front

{Photos via Dear Data}

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