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Hello Heart Swellers! As you may have noticed… it’s been a little quiet in this corner of the web the last few months. Like cricket quiet. Well I am finally able to unveil the reason why, and I’m pretty excited about it. I present to you…

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After years of writing, I realized that there is a common thread for the posts I really believe in and love sharing. They are the ones that talk about meaning, about connection, and about finding ways to thrive in the ups and downs of life, love and passion-fueled caffeine deprivation.

I have met so many incredible women in Seattle and throughout this big old world. Smart, passionate, talented women in every space of every industry. Most of these introductions came about serendipitously — a networking event, a barbecue, a neighborhood run-in. And I began to realize that we all kinda liked each other. We bonded over having ambition and passion, no matter the industry we were in. But there was no reason we had to rely on good fortune to bring us together.

And so I present to you, Oh She Thrives. This blog is a community of purpose-driven women to connect, inspire and grow. You’ll find interviews with women at the top of their fields, ways to get involved in our community, and inspiration for living the healthiest, most fun and vibrant life possible. What’s better, you’ll find ways we can do it together. Check out the site and our social channels:

And be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for updates about new posts, product giveaways and notifications of happy hours, volunteer days and events with other thriving women. Welcome! I’m so glad we found our way here.

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