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I've always ebbed between love/hate phases with breakfast. I've never been someone who has to have it, but I try to give my body enough fuel to get me through the morning and into lunchtime, when I really start to feel the hunger pangs. So, I've been trying to make friends with breakfast -- that [...]

Healthy Dessert: Blueberry Yogurt Parfait

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Of all fruits (and frozen foods in general) I have an inordinate love for blueberries. I could eat frozen blueberries until my lips turn purple… and let's be honest, I do. Often. This recipe is one that I use for breakfast, a snack or dessert. It packs protein from Greek yogurt plus a hearty serving [...]

Valentine’s Day Cocktails

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Valentine’s Day is coming up this weekend, and I recently tested a few cocktails that would be perfect for the day, with bright pinks, reds and sweet raspberries. If you and your valentine are in need of a few special drinks, try... Raspberry Fizz 1 oz. raspberry vodka Raspberry soda to taste Handful raspberries Lemon [...]

Cucumber Caprese Salad

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A caprese salad is one of those that packs serious veggies, but still feels like a treat thanks to hearty hunks of cheese. This recipe for cucumber caprese salad makes for a dish as fresh as they come, with bright cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumber, and creamy mozzarella balls. Because of the cheese, it doesn’t take much [...]

Kale, Pomegranate & Walnut Salad

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Now that my workouts have ramped up the last few weeks (this one is my fave!), I've found myself craving nutrients left and right. This past week, I especially wanted kale, which I wouldn't exactly classify as my most frequent craving (it's a long road to beat chocolate, let's be honest), but I ran with [...]

Vietnamese Coffee

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Have you ever tried Vietnamese coffee? A few weeks ago during a rainy day, my colleagues and I ventured out for hot pho for lunch. One of them recommended we take some Vietnamese coffees back for the afternoon. And WOAH. Was I glad we did. (: Not only is it delicious, but it's got a [...]

Holiday Cookies


I put my Christmas tree up last weekend, and love how festive it feels now being inside my apartment. One of these days, I'd love to spend an afternoon making holiday cookies (and then promptly pass them out to neighbors, so I'm not left to my own devices). You can tell me your deepest secrets [...]

Healthy Berry Banana Flaxseed Smoothie

healthy banana berry flaxseed wheatgrass smoothie 6

Weekday mornings, I'm all about breakfasts that are easy, filling and healthy. I want something that isn't going to leave me hungry and falling off the edge of a sugar high a few hours later; something that packs a big nutrient punch without requiring an entire morning of cooking. This smoothie fits the bill in [...]

5 Spins on Classic Apple Cider

apple cider 4

I'll call it: as far as I'm concerned, apple is the new pumpkin. I'm all for pumpkin everything, but lately I've been eyeing some apple recipes that look even sweeter and more delicious than that loveable orange jack o' lantern. Besides the obvious ones like homemade apple pie, lately I've had my sights set on [...]

Rice Krispies Treats Halloween Pumpkins

Rice Krispies Treats Halloween Pumpkins 6

I feel like I've already celebrated more of Halloween this year than in that last several years combined. Last weekend a group of friends and I wore lederhosen at Oktoberfest; this Thursday we're donning western wear for line-dancing; and Friday night we're dressing up as Rockettes for a neighborhood party. That being said, it felt [...]