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At Ease

at ease 2

As you may recall, last fall, I had the LIFE HONOR of seeing Oprah live. Talk about one for the bucket list. I scribbled pages of notes as she talked, and still come back to them time and again when certain phrases hit me in new ways. Lately, the one I have been particularly moved [...]

Springtime Rhubarb Homemade Facial Recipe

springtime rhubarb homemade facial recipe

I recently teamed up with my friend, Lisa, from The Skinny on Health to make a VIDEO (!) of a springtime summer facial. The facial is not only all natural and easy to make at home, but it utilizes fresh ingredients that are in season this time of year and great for your skin: - [...]

ClassPass Review: Flywheel


I’ve found a new favorite Seattle workout, and it's called Flywheel... Flywheel reminds me a lot of SoulCycle, which was my favorite fitness class when I lived in New York City. Although Flywheel offers both cycling and barre, I tried the cycling last week since I’d already done barre at a few other studios. Before [...]

ClassPass Review: Barre

classpass barre 2

As part of ClassPass, the app I've been gushing about that lets its members enjoy unlimited fitness classes around Seattle, I tried barre this week. And ho-ly. For a workout that doesn't require heavy cardio and sweating the entire time, I've never felt my muscles burn so hot or shake so much. Have you tried [...]

Unlimited Fitness Classes with ClassPass

classpass seattle month trial

Have you heard of ClassPass? It's an incredible website + app that gives its members access to unlimited classes in the best fitness studios across multiple cities throughout the U.S. Classes include everything from yoga to boot camp, barre, Pilates, Zumba, spinning, circuit-training, kickboxing and more. Over the next month, I'm going to profile a [...]

Wake Up with Yoga at Chihuly Garden and Glass

chihuly glass garden wake up with yoga 10

Saturday morning, I hustled to the Chihuly Glass Garden for Core Power Yoga's monthly Wake Up with Yoga class. The garden is one of the most iconic spots in the city, with bright glass sculptures stretching tall in the shape of flowers, trees and suns. The class was nestled right inside the Seattle Center, and I [...]

February Resolutions

february resolutions

Yesterday I recapped the small changes I made in January. For February, I am going to continue to add a few more baby steps in each area of my life... Body: Drink lemon water every morning I wrote a little bit about this last month, but I'd really like it to become a habit. Lemon [...]

January Resolution Recap

january resolution recap

As I mentioned at the start of this year, instead of making resolutions for 2015, I came up with a vision of how I wanted my life to look at the end of the year, and each month I am adding on a few small steps that will get me closer. So how did January's [...]

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

dry skin brushing benefits

Have you ever tried dry skin brushing? The first time I heard about it, I couldn't really get past the name and didn't pay much attention to it. But lately, I've heard it come up more and more, and the health benefits seem pretty substantial. According to the experts, dry skin brushing boosts circulation (bye [...]

In Your Thirties

in your thirties 2

My friend Vanessa, who always has the best finds, recently shared this article, and it was pretty instantly for me LOVE. Aleya Kassam writes a poetic piece about the way women dance in their younger years, then as teenagers, then as women. It’s a beautiful article that illustrates not only how we dance, but how [...]