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The Power of Setting Intentions

setting your intentions

This January 1, I started off the New Year with a yoga workshop led by my friend Megan Kountz. I met Megan last summer and since then have seen her pretty much weekly for brunches, game nights, and group dinners; she even attended part of Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend with me. Megan is the [...]

On Finding Meaning & Staying Curious

finding meaning

This week, the NY Times published an op-ed referencing civic leader John Gardner's commencement address to Stanford University. The speech itself was incredibly moving. A few of my favorite parts: As you settle into your adult lives, you cannot write off the danger of complacency, boredom, growing rigidity, imprisonment by your own comfortable habits and [...]

Health Boost: Lemon Water

benefits of lemon water

I'm one of those people who likes to start her day with a hot beverage of some sort. It's become a morning ritual; as I wait for my email to load, I heat some water, say good morning to a few co-workers, and see what's happened overnight in the news. I went through a green [...]

Life Lines

smile lines

It's no secret that Joanna Goddard is a favorite of mine, but I especially loved what she said recently about fine lines: Growing up, I noticed that when my favorite aunt Lulu made a joke, her whole face crinkled into a beautiful smile. She was gorgeous and young-looking, but she also had these beautiful laugh [...]

Happy New Year!

happy new year 2015

Happy 2015, everybody! I hope you had a wonderful time ringing in the new year. I celebrated with friends and Space Needle fireworks; you can see a few pictures on my Instagram feed, if you'd like. Prior to New Year's Eve, I took some time to reflect on how I want my life to look [...]

Two Circles

stay humble hustle hard

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Mine was a good mix of family and friends. After celebrating with family on Christmas Eve, I enjoyed drinks with my neighbors at Suite 410, followed by Chinese food with one of my best friends at Wild Ginger. On Christmas, my friends shared a big brunch for [...]

Moisturizing Yogurt & Oatmeal Face Mask

yogurt oatmeal moisturizing face mask

I love any natural skincare product I can get my hands on, especially when it doesn't require a trip to the store to get it. On nights when my skin requires a little extra TLC, I use this scrub to exfoliate, then make a yogurt and oatmeal face mask. I'll admit, the mask looks a [...]

Things to Remember

true things

I feel so lucky to have the friends I do. After a very big week at work, I opened up my messages today to find this. Just what I needed... A list of random and unrelated things to remember: Time heals. Mountain winds sound exactly like ocean waves. You are worth everything now. Walls can [...]

One New Thing: Line Dancing

cowboy boots line dancing

In the spirit of continuing to try new things, a few friends and I went line dancing a couple weeks ago. We donned the closest cowboy gear we could come up with as city folk, then made our way to Bourbon Jacks, a country bar not too far away. Firsts, the instructor taught us a [...]

Food for Thought

can we autocorrect humanit

I saw this entertaining video over the weekend about unplugging from our cell phones and reengaging with life. It's definitely worth the three-minute watch...