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How to Make Friends in a New City

how to make friends in a new city

This spring marked the first time in my adult life that I re-signed a lease. Same city. Same building. Seattle just has something about it I can't get enough of these days. That being said, from Los Angeles to New York City, I've amassed my fair share of moves since college. And with each one [...]

At Ease

at ease 2

As you may recall, last fall, I had the LIFE HONOR of seeing Oprah live. Talk about one for the bucket list. I scribbled pages of notes as she talked, and still come back to them time and again when certain phrases hit me in new ways. Lately, the one I have been particularly moved [...]

The Small, Happy Life

small happy life

The other night, I was talking to one of my dearest friends as the sun set over my building's rooftop. It had been a busy day/week/month/year at work, and as we sipped bubbly wine, nibbled on cheese and crackers from Pike Place Market, and eased into the soft padding of the lounge chairs, we had [...]

The Moral Bucket List

moral bucket list

David Brooks recently wrote an article entitled The Moral Bucket List in the New York Times. I've read and re-read it since. It's so much fun to dream up bucket list ideas, such as wine tasting in Tuscany or living in New York City… but what about experiences that stretch and challenge us, that make [...]

Shonda Rhimes: You Are Not Alone

shonda rhimes you are not alone speech

Shonda Rhimes, writer and producer of powerhouse television shows such as Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, spoke at The Human Rights Campaign Gala on Saturday. And her speech was every bit as moving and enthralling as the episodes she produces for television. The overarching theme was "You Are Not Alone." A few of my favorite excerpts: [...]

Getting Grief Right

getting grief right

The end of 2014 contained a few hard months for my loved ones; I had some that lost babies, some that lost relationships. So when I read this article, I thought it offered such light for anyone going through a grieving process. There's so much pressure oftentimes in our society to move on quickly, to [...]

We Never Met

we never met 1

A Cup of Jo recently featured an Instagram account that has stolen my heart. The description on the feed's page explains it as, "A series of conversations we never had. Short stories created for random strangers whose faces we never get to see." Here are a few examples of the witty and oddly sweet feed... [...]

What Makes a Successful Relationship?

masters of love

I recently read this article about the biggest predictors of relational success, and thought it painted one of the clearest applications I'd seen as to why some couples are so happy, and others are so not. What it comes down to is simple: kindness. But it's the science behind it that is most fascinating. Researchers [...]

The Golden Hour

the golden hour 6

This is partly a story about blueberries and partly a story about the golden hour. Backstory: my sister got engaged recently. And I wanted to share part of the engagement story with you because 1) duh, this stuff’s fun (: 2) the sunset photos were ah-mazing that night, and 3) I think it’s a good [...]

Hope for Heartbreak

on heartbreak

I've been there plenty of times myself, but I have a few close folks right now who are going through the roller coaster of a broken heart. Whenever I talk to them, I always think of this quote I read years ago by Veronica Chambers that's always stuck with me. To me, it speaks of [...]