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Leavenworth Oktoberfest

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This past weekend, a group of about 20 friends and I road-tripped to a little Bavarian village in the mountains for a second week of Oktoberfest. We arrived Friday afternoon in time for a hike up Icicle Ridge at dusk (after about an hour attempting to locate said hike) then donned Fräulein outfits and ventured into [...]


monterey california-10

Last week I visited Monterey, California for a business trip. After the conference had finished one night, I walked down to the wharf for a bite to eat. Dusk was just settling in, and the pier was covered in barking seals, brightly colored candy shops, and sailboats rocking in the marina. Here are a few [...]

Seattle Tourist Activity: Ride the Ducks

seattle tourist activities 5

When you visit Seattle, it’s pretty much impossible not to run into the Seattle Ducks at some point in your journey. Not only do they take up about a lane and a half on the roadways, but legitimately every passenger I’ve ever seen on them appears to be having the time of their life. The [...]

Playing Tourist in Seattle

seattle tourist activities 3

This past weekend, one of my college roommates came to visit. I always love having friends come to town because – besides the obvious things like extra time for girl talk and exorbitant amounts of delicious food – it’s a fun way to explore the touristy things that sometimes I forget about as a local. [...]

Seattle Entertainment: Improv Comedy

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Welcome back -- did you have a good weekend? A few friends and I went to Unexpected Productions, a comedy club right in the heart of Pike Place Market, nestled behind the famous gum wall. We chose their late-night Theatresports show, which features teams of comedians doing a variety of improv skits, songs and jokes. [...]

Fall Activities


Fall is my favorite season, and after one of the best summers e-vah, I finally feel myself warming up to the idea of cooler mornings, leaf-covered sidewalks, and cozier days spent indoors will family and friends. Before summer started, I made a list of everything that I wanted to do to soak up the season. [...]

Outdoor Concerts at Marymoor Park


Last night, a few girlfriends and I went to the Ray LaMontagne concert at Marymoor Park. An outdoor concert had been on my summer to do list for a while, and although we were nearly rained out, by evening it had turned into a beautiful day that let us sit outside until the stars came [...]

The Can Can

can can 1

Have you ever been to the Can Can? On Saturday night, a group of friends and I celebrated a birthday in the little hidden bar below Pike Place Market. The cabaret show was packed full of glittering dancers, big costumes, and cheeky comedy. We were among several bachelorette parties in the room, and the performers [...]

Seafair Weekend

seafair 15

This past weekend, in what was undoubtedly my favorite day of the entire summer, a few boatfulls of friends and I celebrated Seafair Weekend. Thousands of boats gathered on Lake Washington for a weekend of air shows, hydroplane races, raft floating and fun. My friends and I met up in the morning for a big [...]

Rattlesnake Ridge

rattlesnake ridge 8

This may appear to be a story about hiking, but really it's a story about that one time I almost stepped on a rattlesnake in college. Everyone's got one of those, right? It started out a night like many others. Yoga pants. Homework. All of my roommates at their various functions, expect for one who [...]